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Habib Utsman Bin Abdullah Bin Aqil Bin Yahya (Mufti Betawi)

Habib Ustman bin Yahya was born in Pekojan, West Jakarta on 17 Jumadil Awwal 1238 AH or 1822 AD His father was Abdullah bin Aqeel bin Umar bin Aqeel bin Syech bin Abdulrahman bin Ahmad bin Aqeel binYahya. While his mother was Aminah bint Sheikh Abdurahman Al-Misri. He went to Mecca to perform pilgrimage, but later lived there for 7 years with the intention to deepen their knowledge. Primary teacher he is his own father. Meanwhile, while in Mecca, he studied / studied in the sayyid Ahmad Zaini Dahlan (the Mufti of Mecca). In 1848 he also went to the hall in Hadramaut for teachers:

1.Syekh Abdullah bin Hussein bin Thahir

2.Habib Abdullah bin Umar bin Yahya

3.Habib bin Alawi Al-Jufri Saggaf

4.Habib Hasan bin Saleh Al-Bahar.

Of Hadramaut he also went to Egypt and studied in Cairo, although only for 8 months. Then went on again to Tunis (studied at the Sheikh Abdullah Basya), Algeria (studied at the Sheikh Abdurahman Al-Magribhi), Istanbul, Persia and Syria. The purpose, he traveled from one country to another is to acquire and explore a variety of sciences such as fiqh science, mysticism, chronicle, celestial sphere, and so on. After that he returned to the Hadramaut.

In the year 1862 M./1279 H. returned to Batavia and settled in Batavia until death in 1331 H./1913 M. Habib Usman Mufti was appointed to replace the previous mufti, Sheik Abdul Gani, who had advanced in years, and as Honorary Adviseur for Arab affairs (1899 - 1914) in the office Inlandsche Voor Zaken. As a Ulama, Usman Habib was very productive to the book. Although the books short essay, approximately 20 pages, but many of the questions that often arise within the Muslim community about the Islamic Shari'a. Some books essay, namely: Taudhih Al-Adillati 'Syuruthi ala al-Abillah, Al-Ash-Syar'iyah Qawanin li-Ahl al Majalisi Al-Hukmiyah wal Iftaiyah, Ta'bir Aqwa' fair, Jam al-Fawaid, Nature Two Twenty, Ershad Al-Anam, Zahr al-Basyim, Ishlah al-Hal, Al-Tuhfat al-Wardiah, genealogy Alawiyah, Al-Tariq Al-Saheehah, Taudhih Al-fair, al-Akhyar Masalik, Sa'adat Al-Anam , Nafais Al-Ihlah,, Kitab al-Faraid,, Saguna Sakaya, Muthala'ah, Problem Answer Religion, Seven avail, Al-Nashidat Al-Aniqah, Khutbah Nikah, Al-Qu'an Wa Al-Two, Summary of Indigenous Knowledge customs, arts Summary read the Qur'an, Qur'an Membahasa and Error in supplication,, Jewelry, Summary Benediction elements, Tata Summary Arabic, Al-Silisilah Al-Nabawiyah, Atlas Arabi, Figure Mecca and Medina, Abstract Art sah To Determine When Prayer, Science kalam, Marriage Law, Law Review Resignation In Sah's wife, Summary of the Civil Law Milk, Language Textbooks and size book, Adab al-Insan, Arabic Dictionary Malays, Cempaka Majesty, Two Minutes of Sciences, Bab al-Minan, Family Hadith, Al-Indigenous Khawariq, Kitab al-Falak Manasik and Sciences.

In his book Two Minutes of Sciences, he divides scholars into 2 kinds of Ulema and Ulema World Hereafter. Clerical world is Ikhlas, materialistic, ambitious with the position, proud and arrogant, while the scholars who hereafter is sincere, tawadhu ', who fought apply their knowledge without any pretensions, lillahi ta'ala, only to find Ridho God alone.

Opinion of those that Habib Usman, an anti congregation is not true, because he studied Sufism and Science in Hadramaut and the Order of Mecca. If It's against Usman Habib, of course, orders that deviate from the religion. Usman Habib learn to Egypt, Tunis, Algeria, Jordan and Turkey, in addition to Mecca and Hadramaut. Therefore to say that he was the modern dress is acceptable because many of her social. Because science is so extensive he was appointed the mufti of Batavia by the Dutch East Indies government.

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